Gift Guide- glam

Gift Guide- glam


1. Parker Earrings  2. ASOS Edition Wrap Midi Dress  3. Table Art Confetti Wine Glass Collection  4. Kory Earrings  5. Carla Earring- gold  6. Ekhi Polka Dot Dress

Can you believe that Christmas is just 6 weeks away?? Where has this year gone?  Don't get me wrong, I definitely can't wait for 2020 to be over and ring in 2021, but this year has flown by!  


This year has been all about "first things" happening at Millie b! We got tons of new retailers in January, got really creative on new ways to shop in May, launched our clothing line in September, and now my first ever blog post! I am not the greatest at writing so I consider these "mini blogs". 


I'm kicking off my FIRST mini blog with a GIFT GUIDE! Just a heads up, I do not have any affiliation with any of these companies nor do I receive any compensation. These are just some items that I personally liked and figured I would share with my people! 




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